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Dr. Tara adjusting little girlThe Perfect Storm

Getting OUT of the Perfect Storm

As a Pediatric Chiropractor, I am seeing a group of kids in our community that is unfortunately growing and expanding at unprecedented rates – what we refer to as our `perfect storm` kids.

We all see these kids every day, whether in your child`s classroom, on the soccer field or in the grocery store. Kids with significant behavior, focus and sensory processing disorders. We see countless kids with severe allergies and asthma that are so bad, leaving home without their inhaler or Epi-pen in not an option anymore.

You can spot the ‘less severe’ kids all around your community as well. They are the kids who are constantly sick, look tired and worn down with bags under their eyes and a tissue under their nose constantly. They look stressed and almost scared and anxious at any little change in their schedule or environment.

What Causes the Storm?

Why are so many kids so sick and stressed? And more importantly, what can we do to change this for your child and the other kids in our community? How do we get them `out ` of this `perfect storm`we are facing like never before?

Simple: Find the causes(s), and reverse them.

The causes of all these challenges are not genetic, nor bad luck. Good health doesn’t just come from good genes, it comes from good choices. Unfortunately, the choices most parents are told to make are the ones that try to avoid illness instead of building up health

Our world today has run rampant with what we call the 3T`s: Traumas, Toxins and Thoughts (stress). And most importantly, our kids nervous systems are so stressed and overwhelmed by this that they lose their ability to ADAPT and overcome these 3T`s.

Exploring the hidden causes behind Chronic Illnesses, Sensory Processing Disorders and ADD/ADHD in kids.

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