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Because it’s a lot easier to grow healthy children than repair damaged adults.



Health is your biggest asset when you have it, and your biggest liability when you don’t. It’s the cornerstone to both personal and professional fulfillment. And as a parent, you no doubt wish for your children to grow up in the healthiest way possible to become inspired and productive adults. The future of our society depends on raising kids who have the skills to create mental, emotional, social and physical balance. 


Our commitment at Live Well Family Chiropractic is to educate families on the importance of living a wellness-based lifestyle, as well as providing the practical tools to do so. A unique distinction of our chiropractic practice is that we adjust as many children as we do adults! 


The majority of babies are born with birth trauma from their position in-utero or from the trauma of delivery, with or without the use of medical interventions such as Pitocin, vacuum extraction, forceps or caesarian section. All infants should be checked for vertebral subluxations as early as possible in life to ensure an optimally functioning nervous system, without which could allow for the development of problematic breastfeeding, difficulty latching, colic, constipation, gas pains, ear infections, asthma or overall weak immune system and disease.

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Think about how much stress kids must learn to manage throughout


Throughout all stages of life, a child’s nerve system and spine are subject to damage. Consider just some of the sources of stress: birth trauma from a prolonged delivery; falling while horsing around; sports injuries; carrying heavy backpacks at school; and even academic, family and peer pressure. Fast forward to a generation of adults battling the effects of decades of accumulated stress. Without a wellness-based approach to health, it’s just a matter of time until a child develops the same chronic health conditions that affect millions of adults. 


The nervous system controls motor development, learning, ability to focus, sleep, the immune system, digestion, moods, and so much more. Therefore, it makes sense to protect it from layers of stress, so that a child can function optimally throughout all stages of growth. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help keep the nerve system running as it should.

An increase in allergies, ADD, obesity, anxiety, depression, autism – that’s not OK

It’s time we put an end to the life-long downward spiral of diminished health and start focusing on enhancing the body’s ability to maintain balance – starting from infancy. 


Live Well Family Chiropractic attracts families who place health as their number one priority and parents who recognize the importance of a stress-free spine and nerve system as the foundation for proper mental and physical development in their children. 


If you want the best health opportunities for your kids, gentle pediatric care is a natural choice for a preventive wellness regimen. Children love our family-friendly office, and you’ll appreciate having kids who are consistently healthy.

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