If there is only one time in a woman’s life when she should receive chiropractic care, it would absolutely be during pregnancy. Not only is her body in charge of maintaining the health of two people, a multitude of physiological and hormonal changes occur during pregnancy to create an optimal environment for the developing baby. Though Mother Nature knows best, quite often the increased physical and emotional demands of being pregnant can be stressful.


Average weight gains of 30 to 40 pounds bring about postural distortions and changes in the centre of gravity. The natural curves of the spine become exaggerated, leading to misaligned vertebrae, pinched nerves, tight muscles and back pain. Pressure of the growing baby on the pelvis, difficulty in finding a comfortable sleeping position, nausea and fatigue make for one very exhausted mommy-to-be. You might be left wondering, “How much longer can I stand this?”


Rather than feeling like you just have to deal with the discomfort, you can actually enjoy these precious nine months and beyond for the extraordinary experience it’s meant to be. And Live Well Family Chiropractic can help make that happen. 

Live Well Family Chiropractic

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