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The Vertebral Subluxation Complex


Your nervous system is in constant communication with the rest of your body, sending signals back and forth from the brain, up and down the spinal column, and out to every cell and organ.


When these messages are interrupted by a vertebra that has lost its motion and position, this results in vertebral subluxations. This creates a domino effect on surrounding muscles, ligaments, joints and discs, ultimately leading to pain, inflammation, decreased mobility and other ailments, sometimes seemingly unrelated. In fact, subluxations can be present in the body without any symptoms at all. 

Subluxations are triggered by three basic causes: physical, emotional and chemical.

Causes of vertebral subluxation 

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Physical causes

Physical causes include birth trauma, intrauterine constraint,  acute injury, repetitive motions, bad posture, improper lifting and accumulation of microtrauma’s from life.


Emotional causes 

Emotional causes refers to when the Nervous System is stuck in a state of sympathetic dominance, a fight or flight reaction, which weakens the immune system and prevents optimal growth and development,  making the body vulnerable to disease.


Chemical causes

Chemical causes depend on your lifestyle and can include poor nutrition, drug and alcohol abuse, and exposure to toxin build-up in our daily lives.

Thankfully, our chiropractors are uniquely qualified to detect and adjust vertebral subluxations, helping your body to re-establish proper communication within the body to optimize your health. 

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