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Everything you want to know about chiropractic (but were too afraid to ask)

At Live Well Family Chiropractic, we believe educating patients plays a vital role as part of our holistic approach to wellness. Here are a few commonly asked questions we receive from new patients. 
  • What’s wrong with me?
    Determining the root cause of chronic pain and illness typically requires a physical examination, a discussion of your health history, and often a lifestyle assessment during your initial consultation. Remember, you are unique and so is your pain, which means even though you and your co-worker may share similar symptoms, your diagnoses and ideal treatments may be very different. Our knowledgeable chiropractic doctors are well-versed in soft tissue injuries, spinal abnormalities, nervous system disturbances, and a host of other ailments. However, if we deem your condition to be outside the realm of chiropractic care we certainly won’t hesitate to recommend a more appropriate course of action.
  • Is chiropractic right for me?
    You may be surprised to learn that chiropractic care has so much more to offer than relief from back and neck pain (although, it can do that too!). Chiropractic enables your body to release stress and irritation along your spine to allow your nervous system to work at its full capacity again. After all, your spine is intertwined with your nervous system, which in turn controls all your bodily functions. A healthy nervous system is the key to good health! Many people are unaware of the scope of chiropractic care, which can provide effective relief for conditions from ear infections in children to painful menstruation in women – ailments seemingly unrelated to the spine. A consultation with a chiropractor can help uncover the true cause of a wide range of health problems.
  • How long does chiropractic take to work?
    You can compare chiropractic adjustments to going to the gym: exercising a few times a week is certainly going to give you results faster than working out once a month. And the longer you wait to start adjustments, the more time your issue may take to resolve. We offer adjustment plans in two phases: Phase I: Repair and Restoration Phase II: Wellness Care During your initial consultation, we will assess your health goals and recommend a schedule of care. As part of your assessment, we perform a COREscore™ scan, which includes a surface EMG, thermal scan and heart rate variability test. Your score will be on a scale from 0 to 100, with a higher score meaning better communication across your nervous system. This advanced technology provides us with a clear picture of the stress and tension to your nervous system, allowing us to deliver more effective, targeted care.
  • Do I have to keep coming back for treatments?
    Some people are under the impression that once you visit the chiropractor you will always need to keep going back. Well, that’s true! In the same way as you will need to continue seeing a dentist – it’s all about preventive care. Periodic spinal checkups can help minimize nerve stresses, prevent new injuries or recurrences of old ones, and contribute to your overall vitality and longevity. Many patients initially go through our more intensive adjustment phase, which requires three visits a week. Once they are on the road to rehabilitation, many qualify for our wellness program. We have individual and family wellness programs.
  • Are chiropractic adjustments safe and do they hurt?
    To debunk perhaps the biggest misconception about chiropractic – yes, adjustments are very safe for patients of all ages: from in utero and infants to adults and seniors. Chiropractic provides natural, non-invasive care that many actually consider to be a safer alternative to drugs. There are many evidence-based practice guidelines in place that promote manual therapies and mobilization of the spine and neck. Adjustments are generally not painful and many patients find great relief afterward. Of course, as with any health adjustments, there may be minor discomforts, pain or swelling that is all temporary. Prior to beginning treatment, you will be made aware of any potential risks or side effects and asked to give your informed consent. This is a responsibility we take very seriously! If you have any other questions about chiropractic treatments or our Ajax chiropractic clinic, get in touch with us. We’re here to help!
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