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Ear Infections

Chiropractic: an alternative treatment for ear infections

Live Well Family Chiropractics - Ear Infections

As many parents know all too well, recurring ear infections are quite common in young children. The Eustachian tube (part of the middle ear) is short and angled in infancy, allowing easier access for bacteria. Plus, your little one’s immune system is still building. However, while ear infections may be common, it doesn’t mean they are normal – or unavoidable. 


While traditional treatments for ear infections tend to be antibiotics or tubes in the ear, there is a less invasive approach: chiropractic care to reduce the disturbances in the nervous system that may make ears more prone to infection. 

Now hear this!

Your child’s body has the amazing ability to self-heal and fight off infection – without the need for medication (especially considering most infections are viral, in which case antibiotics are useless). When that innate ability is impaired, it typically means there is something else going on. As chiropractors, we start with the nervous system.


Many of the nerves that control the ear can be found in the brain stem and spinal column. If there is malfunction in these areas, such as from birth trauma, the nerve signals become compromised, which can hinder the body’s natural defenses. Nerve damage can also lead to muscle tension and put pressure on lymphatic drainage ducts, causing impaired drainage. It’s a domino effect!

While chiropractic is not a cure or remedy for ear infections specifically, adjustments can help restore nervous system integrity. When you bring your child into Live Well Family Chiropractic, our well-trained doctors will check for distortions in the upper spine and use a light touch to reduce any detected nerve tension – for results that are as effective as they are safe and natural! 
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