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Reduce the underlying causes of headaches

Live Well Family Chiropractics - Headache relief

It’s far too easy to reach for a bottle of pain relievers when we feel a headache coming on. But how often do we stop to consider that our headaches are actually just a symptom of something else going on in our bodies?


The aim of chiropractic is to get to the root of our ailments and take a more natural approach to healing.

Think outside the skull

Headaches are commonly caused by cervical spine (neck) misalignments that affect the surrounding nerves and muscles – and can even reduce the blood supply to the brain. Low back pain can be another common cause of headaches. The upper spine compensates for any abnormalities, which can shift your head off-centre. When the head is not properly supported, this can lead to recurring, nagging headaches. 


Of course, physical trauma and injury, emotional stress and even chemical toxins can all cause headaches. However, keep in mind that your over-the-counter painkillers will never treat any of these reasons! 

A thorough chiropractic examination at Live Well Family Chiropractic can help determine the most likely causes of your headaches. Let our experienced chiropractors come up with a plan to eliminate any subluxations and start you on the path to feeling like your old self once again.  
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