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Neck Pain

Pain in the neck? See a chiropractor!

Live Well Family Chiropractics - neck pain relief

Poor posture. Chronic tension. Sitting all day. Old injuries that never fully healed. Our necks go through a lot of abuse in our day-to-day life. Not to mention how hard our neck and shoulders work to support our heads – it’s the equivalent of balancing a bowling ball on your fingertips!


Neck pain affects millions of Canadians, which comes as no surprise when you consider how delicate and sensitive our cervical spine is and how many nerves are located there. Neck pain can also radiate to other areas of the body causing pain and discomfort (hello, headaches).

Stress shows up in your neck


Emotional stress often causes us to unwittingly clench our already overworked muscles in areas like the neck and shoulders. Physical and chemical stress can also affect the frequency and severity of neck pain. 


Thankfully, chiropractic care has a great success rate when it comes to alleviating nagging neck stiffness and soreness – and without prescription drugs or invasive treatments. Chiropractors simply help to reduce the interferences in the nervous system that are causing strain on the nerves and muscles in the neck.

Live Well Family Chiropractic offers safe and natural adjustments to bring relief from debilitating neck and shoulder pain. Call our office to learn more and schedule your consultation today!
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